The Importance of Snacks for Your Dog

The Importance of Snacks for Your Dog

Historically dogs have survived on meat and other plant foods. However, over the past 30 years or so, we have been slowly shifting more of our dog's diet to dry food.

The reason for this is that processed foods offal such as chicken, beef, and corn have been unpopular as more people are growing allergic to the additives and preservatives that are added to most cheap commercial foods. Also, cheaper store brands are not as good for us dogs.

Now that dog owners can get their hands on the better store brands dog treats that are available, there is a growing need to train and look after our furry little friends so that they live longer and stay healthier.

One of the first things that people look at when considering a new dog diet is snacks. Snacks are basically what we humans eat and since most of us do not have choice but to eat in that way, we automatically start making our own homemade snacks for our dogs. This may sound great to you, but there is a catch, the homemade snacks you make at home must equal or better than the store bought treats that you buy. You cannot simply feed your dog the cheaper bought snacks and then give them back to the store and they would think that they are getting the right snack for your dog. The fact is that you cannot equal the quality of the store bought dog snacks when you make your own. The homemade snacks you make for your dog must include items that he or she will like or things that you find easy to prepare. Since you will be the one making the snacks, you will want to make something that will interest your dog. Since you have the taste of the food eliminated, this should appeal to your dog and when making the snacks a few times over, you will realize that you dog does not appear to be bothered by the idea of eating someone else's trash. Make the treats something that is special and they will enjoy it just as much as anything else you feed your dog

. When you think about making your own homemade snacks, you also need to think about the best foods to use. The healthier the food is that you choose to feed your dog, the better it will be for your pet. It is the same reason that we humans do not generally eat bread dough, although it may be good for us, it does not really agree with our stomachs, so it will not agree with our dogs. Similarly, our dogs need to eat healthy foods that address their bodies needs. A few ideas for homemade dog snacks: A dog treats recipe that addresses the need for proteins perfect for the breed.


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