Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

In skin and coat, the Bichon is quite similar to the Yorkie-and-rags common today, but with a shorter coat and a different head.

The breed generally comes in shades of white, but light honey-blonde or white is also a possibility. While they do shed, they don't shed all the time. They have an outer coat which consists of dense hair.

The inner coat is soft and with a corkscrew shape, similar to a hound's. They have fluffy, long tails that make very funny ' tails "that dangle" which make very funny " tails wagging" when they are walking or swimming (they are the only breed on earth other than dogs to have a tail that doesn't wag).

They make a great study for a pet portrait

 They need to be brushed at least weekly during shedding season (rainy days also delay grooming). They shed less that many other breeds and can be hypoallergenic. They are one of the best dog breeds to have because of their affectionate, playful nature. Striking looks do have some drawbacks however. They are high-maintenance dogs and owners need to be aware of the need for constant grooming and daily exercise. They also like other pets in the family to get along with. 

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