Spondylosis is the formation of abnormal courses of vertebrae in the neck, back, and spinal column. The discs in the spine may also bulge out thus resulting in an hunched back and very painful movement. Abnormal growths or fusing of the vertebrae may also cause spondylosis. How is Spondylosis Diagnosed? Your veterinarian can diagnose spondylosis by determining whether the back of your dog is wobbly. If the dog is walking straight he will not feel any signs of spondylosis, however, if the dog feels any weakness in its hind legs it is time to get a diagnosis. Your veterinarian may also try to feel the spine of the dog to diagnose whether there is any signs of spinal mass or trauma. What Is The Treatment For Spondylosis? The treatment for spondylosis in dogs is no different than the treatment for any other spine problem. The treatment includes anti-inflammatories and pain relievers and surgery.