Go Natural With Your Dogs - Seven Herbal Remedies For Dogs

Go Natural With Your Dogs - Seven Herbal Remedies For Dogs

In recent years, pet owners are learning to use herbal remedies for dogs whenever possible. These alternative options are not only safe and without harmful side effects, but they can also be effective in resilient situations. When you or your veterinarian suspect your dog has a health problem, you can have peace of mind simply by treating it naturally with herbs. There has been a trend lately to explore natural treatments for many diseases in dogs. Many holistic veterinarians are willing to provide the natural remedies, and there are many books and courses available to teach the general public how to do the same. Here are seven herbs that can help your dog with arthritis.

1) Burdock: Used traditionally as a remedy for diarrhea and gas, burdock is now used for more than just those purposes. According to Dr. David N. Shedletsky, a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist, dried burdock flowers are an excellent herbal remedy for dogs with arthritis. "You may wish to add dried chicken tenderizer to your dog's usual meal," Dr. Shedletsky explains. "It contains glucosamine."

2) Bowlcherry: Dr. Shedletsky recommends this herb to treat arthritis in dogs. "It's full of vitamins, minerals, andBuying Bowlchersushrooms can be a great way to treat your pet." Dr. Shedletsky adds, "Studies have shown that Bowlcherry can reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and prevent stiffness in dogs with arthritis. .aloof finely chopped pieces of Bowlcherry work great as a blood cleanser after surgery, for digestive disorders, and for treatment of various internal irritations."

3) Hawthorne: used for skin problems, Highland horses, and hunting and tracking dogs, this herb is a very strong anti-inflammatory. Dr. Shedletsky adds, "It's been used for centuries to help relieve inflammation." 4) Jamesamine: you've probably noticed this herb on many commercials for health supplements for dogs. Unfortunately, not all commercial dog meds contain Jamesamine. However, you can give your dog a small, additive-free grain-free once a day supplement that contains the mineral.conjunction with other anti-inflammatory agents.

6) St. John's Wort: the active ingredient is this herbal extract from a special breed of plants. Dr. Shedletsky explains, "Research in mice and hamsters has shown that the extract gives them active prostaglandins that prevent appetite stimulation by neutralizing secretions that trigger appetite-stimulating enzymes." However A common side effect of this herb is gastrointestinal upset that can cause vomiting and diarrhea.