Grooming Your Canine Companion

Grooming Your Canine Companion

As a pet owner you are probably aware of the importance of grooming. Remembering that grooming is an important part of your pet's health, safety, and you wallet

. Grooming is also a means of discovering if your pet is healthy enough to survive and thrive longer in your home. Although it may not necessitate your full time job giving your dog a bath and brushing his fur, frequent attention will let you know if he needs attention. The time spent collecting the hair as well as tangles will be an indication of how often you should expect to be brushing him.

Your pet's appearance can be a fulfilling experience for you and your kind nature will be gratified when you successfully groom him. Even if you are aware of the importance of grooming, may be you are Not sure of how to begin. Rather than keep secrets you will want to make the whole process as easy as possible for yourself and your pet.

With a few helpful tips you can be ready to give your dog a beautiful designer look. With a soft shiny brush, comb the coat to loosen any mats, ensuring that he is avoiding the major parts of his body. The fingers of your hands can be used to comb the hair as you part the coat to find any mats or tangles. These can be simply brushed out using a comb, again with the hair to the side of the body with similar side to side brushing of the face, head and tail. There are brushes designed specifically for grooming needs, which you should keep handy within the collection of brushes. These should be used in a similar manner to the way you would brush your own hair. These brushes are most effective when used in the correct sequence, which once again makes them wonderful for use as a means of grooming in after bath.

Should you discover that your dog has a tick or other problem within the coat then it is imperative that you move straight to the vet clinic. In the case of a deep seated problem which seems to be from an underlying problem the vet may take a resembling step to fix the problem.

Dogs with a persistent problem within the ears may therefore also necessitate a visit to the vets office, to allow for an expert opinion and to begin treating the dog for any problems which may be on the underside of the ear.

When bathing your dog you want to use a shampoo as well as a conditioner. Although the conditioner along with the shampoo will serve to make your dog's coat a bit more glossy and soft, it is best to avoid the use of conditioner with the sole aim of getting rid of as many of the, 'dead', ticks present. In order to successfully remove dead ticks you may find that you need to purchase a number of different brushes from a variety of suppliers. These brushes may include brushes that dig deeper into the body of the dog meaning that they are able to reach a specific area that may have hidden a tick or two, or they may be geared to remove more of the 'dead' ticks present on the coat.

A superior, smooth fluoride tooth paste for dogs is available from the leader of veterinary dentistry. This tooth paste contains an abrasive ingredient which contains fluoride to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. It is a wipes off paste and is not a dental, nutritional or health maintenance product and is not intended to replace professional dental care. The abrasive formula of the fluoride tooth paste is non-toxic and should be used at the discretion of the professional teeth cleaning clinic.

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