The Collie

The Collie

It can be that some of the early characteristics of the Collie were those of a sheepdog, but as they intermixed with other working breeds, the true nature of the Collie emerged. They were all originally used as herding dogs.

They required to be an agile dog, quick and sharp for handling the livestock and quickly subdue it into the shepherd's arms.

They also had to be tough, and that is how they came to be used as guard dogs. Their eyesight was excellent and they could spot a passerby from a long distance.

They make a great study for a pet portrait

The Collie has that wonderful, affectionate temperament that makes it a beloved family dog. They are good with children and other animals. It is this acceptance of everyone, of all backgrounds and situations, that makes them so gentle with even the children and pets they have become acquainted with. They really do love to be with their owners and are very sensitive to their wishes. Just like any other dog, they have a tendency to be a bit on the nose, but it's rare for them to really be offensive.

 This dog enjoys training and they enjoy pleasing their owners. They will rise to become the leader of the pack, again making them a "pack" dog. They can be very protective of the people who own them and they will be a good guard dog. However, just because they're a guard dog, don't think they'd be good with small children.

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