The Beagle

The Beagle

Beagles were bred to chase hares and rabbits in the age of QueenMary I and thus, the name of this breed is Beagle.

They are one of the oldest of the hound dog family and one of the most popular. This dog has a keen expression, and though large, are fairly calm dogs.

The beagle has a friendlier nature than many of the larger hounds and makes a good watchdog. Beagles were bred for the hunt, however, and don't always make a good house pet for most people.

They have an amazing ability to get trained easily and have been known to learn a new task, within a few minutes, day after day.

The Beagles warm, loving eyes should always be laid upon. Their long ears, combined with the rose-tipped tail make the beagle recognizable.  The colors can be fawn, tan, black and lots of chestnuts. bare patches of white are very common, especially on the head, tail and chest.

They make a great study for a pet portrait

Like all hounds, Beagles like to be around people and need a lot of human contact. They like to go out for walks, but will always do it when they feel like it, just to see the owner, or to play. Like I said before, they do have a tendency to jump up on people. If you come home from work and your dog has jumped up on you, and you do nothing, it will continue to do it and turn into a habit. You have to stop it or it will become a habit. So next time you see a beagle puppy, go up to it and tell it no. invite the puppy down and look it in the eye. The beagle puppy will back away. It will even ignore you, but just turn it around and go back to whatever it was doing, then praise it for being a good puppy. This is something you have to keep doing, no matter how cute they are.

Some traits common of Beagles are that they are very persistent and highly attentive. They have a strong need to hunt and need a job to do.

Beagles may exhibit loud barking, snarling and howling as well as yelping when frightened or trying to defend their territory. Beagles are very loyal, and may bond with one person for perhaps the rest of his life. If you really are consistent with your puppy, he will grow up to be the best companion you could ever had. You will be surprised how much your beagle will love you for the rest of his life.

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