Lakeland Terrier Dog Breed Informatiion

Lakeland Terrier Dog Breed Informatiion

The Lakeland Terrier comes in three colors, tan, red and wheaten. They have a double coat making the coat fairly thick and longer than the body coat.

Description of Lakeland Terrier Dog

Their head is quite large and is made up of two thirds skull and third quarters skull. The muzzle is very strong and when they look, tapers to a point no longer than three fourth of the way down the skull.

The nose is black and when they look, it should be liver colored on liver dogs. The ears are docked, in countries that allowed this inbreeding, so they drop straight down.

The dark blue eyes and nose set the Lakeland Terrier apart from the working terrier and further more from the collie. They are a brave dog without being overly aggressive.

Lifespan Of Lakeland Terrier Dog

They are said to bring good luck to their owners. The Lakeland Terrier is a dog that has an exceptionally happy disposition and are very affectionate. They are wary and wary of strangers but not dog aggressive. This breed is not linked to high blood pressure, which is good for elderly people. The average lifespan of this little dog is 12 to 14 years.

Genitive history Of Lakeland Terrier Dog Breed

Although many people associate this breed with Yorkshire Terriers, it is actually descended from a breed called the Paisley, been found in Scotland for many centuries, but not anywhere near as big as the Lakeland Terrier.

The Lakeland Terrier get it's name from the area where they first found records. This little dog probably developed in the ruggedness and wetness of the Northumberland Pennines.

They make a great study for a  pet portrait

Today this breed is still very popular in Yorkshire and its history is respected. There are think that the Lakeland Terrier is a shorthaired, grey colored version of the Scotland Terrier, but today, true color revert to be black and white, or grey and white. 

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