Boxers are an intelligent breed, however, they have been known to adapt to several situations.

Technically, boxers are the only breed to be born with complete movements of the hindquarters.

They are a very loyal, fun, and playful breed and they get along with other animals and non-canine pets. In fact, they were one of the first purebred dogs to be used in animal testing. There are 4 types of boxer dogs. They are the standard, lightweight, miniature, and dirty boxer. When purchasing a purebred boxer, get information about the conditions in which the breeding took place. This will give you an idea of the future condition of the boxer in terms of health and personality.

The standard boxer is an exuberant clown who is highly attentive and has a balanced temperament. The boxers can be stubborn at times. Their intelligence and desire to please makes them easy to train. They are very good learners and boast almost instinctively all of the dog's obedience training. The lightweight boxer is a little cropped or shave boxer which is very popular in Britain. These boxers usually have a white coat with patches of bright red, brindle, or striped. Because of their coat color, they are designated as non-canine designated companion animals.

The boxer is a handy dog; they have strength and are quick learners. The miniature boxer is a 2-footed boxer whose hind legs are very short; they also have an undocked tail. Some of these dogs have really short legs so they seem to skip right across the floor. But, most of them have really long legs and they are still able to give you the impression that they are walking extremely slowly. This is because they are really carefully bred to walk or dance to impress the judges. 

They make a great study for a pet portrait

As the boxer is a complex species, there are a lot of genetic factors that play a part in selecting the specific dog you want. If you are just looking for a pet and are not interested in breeding, you should not be deterred by the fact that a boxer is a costly breed to produce. It is important that a boxer is properly and closely bred. In order to ensure that the mating is successful, you should make sure that the sire (father) of the boxer you are purchasing is a purebred boxer. Although a boxer is not a dog that you should be scared to own, the fact remains that it is an extremely muscular and importantly athletic breed. They are also a unique breed which commands attention. 

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