The Basenji is a short dog with a shiny  coat, very similar in appearance to the Afghan Hound.

The Basenji has a rare white chest and white on the toes and face. This white Basenji is often called the coloured Basenji.

The breed has also been known by the names Congo Dog, Congo Terrier, and Congo Dog. The English name is sometimes called Congo', English Barking Dog, or Barking Dog.

These dogs were imported to England in the early 1900's and bred down to what we see now. natural history groupings of Basenjis are quite diverse and contain mainly wolves and dogs from all of the other groups.

There are plenty of wild dogs in Africa and Europe but the basenji is an isolated dog breed within this vast natural history. It is likely that basenjis have brachycephalic skulls and elongated soft ears belonging to the Pariah Dogs family. 

They make a great study for a pet portrait

The Basenji was bred for hunting and because of the elongated soft ears it was very difficult for the Basenji to cool itself outside of Africa during hot weather. It is likely that the Basenji has curly hair similar to the wolf, on the neck this falls right behind the ears and on the shoulders this falls straight. The brisket is short and the legs are wider than the shoulders. The longer hair on the head has a distinctive ring burn on the forehead that can cause irritation if not cared for daily. 

The Basenji is described as a dog of medium size, similar in size to a greyhound or toy spaniel. The dogs range in height from 21 to 26 inches and weigh between 40 and 55 pounds. Even though they were once used to hunt wolves and other animals, the Basenji is considered a domesticated breed of lower intelligence in the domesticated environment. The Basenji is said to form relationships very closely with the family, regarded as a trusted companion.

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